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Departure Jetty
Arrival Day Boat Time: 10:30AM & 01:00PM
Check-in & Check-out
03:00 PM onwards & 10:30 AM
Departure Day Boat Time: 11:00AM & 01:00PM


Sari Pacifica Resort Redang Island

Loud roar and constant laughter can be heard while you are in Sari Pacifica Resort Redang Island, as this is a land of joy. Each and every hotel guests will be entertained and swap off their feet with the sense of happiness and relaxation during their stay here. Friendly and outgoing hotel staffs will greet each guest with warm smiles and welcoming greetings each time; making our resort one of the friendliest resort around the island. Aiming to wash away all worries and stress of our guest, we at Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa Redang Island only offers the best of the best



We offer a wide selection of amenities that add hype to the whole staying experience

Seafront Villa Sari Pacifica Redang Island
Seafront Villa
The one and only seafront villa in Redang Island
Lagoon Villa Sari Pacifica Redang
Lagoon Villa
Room overlooking the salt water lagoon and monteros tiered water fountain
Country Villa Sari Pacifica Redang
Country Villa
The one and only seafront villa in Redang Island


English Tudor Design

Tudor architecture is a style of architecture that developed in England between 1485 and 1558.  It was a transitional style, mixing elements of Renaissance architecture with a Gothic style found mostly in England called Perpendicular Gothic because it emphasized vertical lines.

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